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Door and window hardware industry: foreign and domestic brands go hand in hand
2017.12.30 14:04:37

In the past 2014, an industry that is closely related to people's residential life, but not well known, is undergoing unprecedented changes. After entering twenty-first Century, China door and window hardware industry to undertake international industrial transfer responsibility, with about 10 years rapid upper, and become the world's largest manufacturer of metal doors and windows.
In recent years, the development of China's real estate and other industries has brought a good foundation for the development of the door and window hardware industry. The acceleration of urbanization, the construction of large number of affordable housing and the development of commercial real estate undoubtedly are not upgrading the market demand of door and window hardware. The huge potential market provides a good environment for the development of China's doors and windows hardware industry. On the other hand, in the first half of 2014, due to the instability of the property market, the government's macroeconomic regulation and control, also made the last half of the first half of the 90% cities and windows hardware turnover in the first half of the year fell. As a whole, the door and window hardware industry still maintains a rapid development in 2014.
Door and window hardware industry: foreign and domestic brands go hand in hand
Throughout China's door and window hardware industry, the domestic and foreign brands are uneven, and the difference is obvious. In the economically developed areas of the north, middle and high grade flats are mainly built by internal flat bottom suspension hardware system and inside flat open hardware system. Most of these hardware systems are mainly imported brands and a few well-known domestic brand products.
When the importation of foreign brands, there are some both reputation and quality of the century brand, which in November Chinese celebration held just after the hundred years brand Geely Yayou striking wire. Since the beginning of 2001, Dr. Qin Jianping will be the first wire product introduction China Geely Ya market, after more than ten years of rapid development, "the famous silk Geely Ya" European hardware brand, with excellent product quality, suitable price and perfect pre-sale, sale, customer service and reliable service, won a good reputation in the country real estate developers and engineering company. The silk Julia brand has also become one of the many brands of domestic door and window hardware enterprises.
In the process of undertaking international industrial transfer, China's door and window hardware enterprises have realized the upgrading of technology and experience, but also have paid arduous labor and resource costs. Nowadays, China's door and window hardware manufacturing industry has a high level of manufacturing capability, and the fabricated doors and windows hardware products are no longer the pronoun of low quality and low price. The quality of products has been recognized by international mainstream buyers and market. But China's door and window hardware enterprises want to achieve internationalization, to build a hundred years of enterprise, must start with the brand. But the promotion of quality and quality does not mean that the brand construction won the final victory. At present, China metal doors and windows enterprise division of labor in the international market, still plays a lower level of production and processing character.
From the long-term market development, Chinese doors and windows hardware industry will continue to show the expansion of product coverage expanding, foreign brands continue to lead the high-end products, domestic brands gradually stronger, industry overall competitiveness has new development potential state promotion.
Market competition is cruel, only innovation can be foothold
Now, the door and window hardware in China has entered a good cycle of good quality, good price, and the survival of the fittest. With the expert index, the door and window hardware industry is carrying out a new round of shuffling, the survival of the fittest. On the one hand, the doors and windows hardware enterprises will pay more attention to enhance the added value of products by improving product innovation ability; on the other hand, doors and windows hardware enterprises urgently need to elaborate the management to offset the impact of cost increase on the profitability of enterprises. These two factors make manufacturing enterprises pay more attention to information construction, and at the same time, put forward higher requirements for information manufacturers' products, implementation and services. This will inevitably lead to the survival of the manufacturing industry and the survival of the fittest. In order to realize the sustainable development, the hardware enterprises must carry out the product innovation, the management innovation and the service innovation.
Compared with the Internet giants such as BAT, the door and window hardware industry is still a relatively traditional industry. But with the rapid progress of science and technology, digitalization, networking and information technology are increasingly integrated into people's daily life. Consumers' values and lifestyles are constantly changing. The change of new competitive situation will inevitably accelerate the iteration speed of hardware products. At this time, the innovation of the product will become an important way to maintain the vitality of the door and window enterprises and to be invincible in the cruel market. On the other hand, on the basis of continuous improvement and improvement of living standards and living conditions, people put forward higher requirements for the quality of life. Intelligent and humanized doors and windows products came into being. But now people pursue this lazy way of life, like the life change brought by the development of science and technology, and will also make the intelligent door and window industry rise rapidly.
After the selection and precipitation of the market in 2014, some of the relatively formed intelligent doors and windows have come out. In November held the twelfth session of the International Expo China window, reporters saw a variety of intelligent doors and windows products, such as silk. Geely exhibited a single electric fell within the window, can be realized in electric down, up to 30000 times the opening and closing cycle, the maximum tension 150N, drive locking force 700N, do not worry about being the wind blew open, usually installed in a higher position, not easy to open and closed position. A room with an electric single inverted window is installed, which can be controlled by remote control terminal and automatically switch window to realize ventilation and ventilation. It is very convenient and quick.
In addition, innovation is not only the innovation of the product itself, including product concepts and marketing channels, but also the search for new changes. There is an exciting concept behind every innovative product, but the manufacturer should understand that the concept of product is not the same as the communication slogan. The communication slogan is based on the concept of product, which is the language of direct communication with the consumer, and is oriented by the consumer. In addition to understanding the unmet needs, values and lifestyles of consumers, we should dynamically survey their changing trend, guide consumers' needs, launch forward-looking products and cater to consumers' marketing strategies.
An innovative product with vitality can not only deal with some unsatisfied needs of consumers, but also combine the insight of consumption trends with artistic imagination, and launch a leading product that transcends consumer expectations and brings joy to them. The success of the Apple Corp's product innovation is due to the perfect combination of consumer insight, technological innovation and wisdom, and constantly leading consumers' needs. In the increasingly competitive market, whose product is the best to meet the needs of consumers, who will eventually win the market.
Grasp the technology, make a good brand, and win the development
Doors and windows hardware as a door and window accessories, when providing a matching door and window, its advantages and disadvantages directly affect the energy efficiency of the doors and windows. Therefore, high quality door and window hardware plays an important role in building energy conservation. According to the prospect of China's doors and windows hardware industry market in the past 2013-2017 years, by 2017, the market scale of China's doors and windows hardware industry will reach 45 billion 755 million yuan.
Although the overall market prospect of door and window hardware industry is excellent, but worrying is many manufacturers do not have the ability to innovation and sustainable development strategy, just blindly imitation product craft, style is almost identical, the market homogenization phenomenon is very serious, the business model is very simple and traditional, led directly into the door and window hardware industry the price of the vicious competition situation. For enterprises, the production of homogeneous products can ensure cost leadership, but they do not understand that if we can achieve significant differentiation of products, even if the cost is high, we can get enough profit margins through premium.
With the development of the country and the progress of the society, with the accumulation of wealth in all walks of life and the current complex economic situation, safety awareness, aesthetic consciousness, brand awareness and artistic consciousness have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Although more and more enterprises, domestic metal doors and windows industry brand one after another, but you want to become bigger and stronger, to establish a brand position in the domestic market, open the international market, also should firmly grasp the technology, to create innovative products to win consumer recognition, but also the only way to be in an invincible position in the fierce competition in the market.
Dr. Qin Jianping said that in today's technological transformation, if an enterprise does not take innovation as a driving force and does not occupy the technological highland in the industry, it will face the risk of being eliminated at any time. China's door and window hardware industry has to go out of a big and weak predicament, increase investment in research and development, enhance innovation ability, speed up transformation and upgrading, and enhance the research and development of new products, so as to make the technology and technology hard strength that has already been greatly improved become a long board for the development of enterprises. On the basis of consolidating the long board, we can strengthen the comprehensive strength of the enterprise and make up the short board of the bucket, so as to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise and win the development.

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